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Relief For Aussies Waiting For Packages

New research shows many elderly Australians are suffering adverse health outcomes from long wait times for Home Care Packages. Focus Home Care is doing its bit to help.

Alarming new research reveals how important it is for older Australians needing care to access a Home Care Package as quickly as possible, with those waiting six months or more experiencing adverse health outcomes.

The research, from the University of Adelaide, reveals people who are in the queue for a Home Care Package for more than six months are at greater risk of dying or entering residential care two years after getting the package than those who get assistance sooner.

The study, which looked at nearly 180,000 Aussie seniors, found that 74 per cent got a package within six months and a third received a package within one month. But worryingly it found that for 25 per cent of those surveyed it took more than six months to get a Home Care Package.

This group had a nearly 20 per cent higher risk of dying than those who got a health care package within one month, according to the research.

The study comes in the wake of official Home Care Packages data showing more than 120,000 Aussies are waiting for HCP approval, with wait times exceeding 12 months.

Focus Home Care CEO Christina Harlamb said the alarming situation had prompted her to offer 15 per cent off private services to people waiting to be assigned an HCP package.

“Given the alarming data, this offer is all about easing the burden on the thousands of Australians waiting for Home Care Packages,” Ms Harlamb said.

“It’s part of Focus Home Care’s commitment to delivering trusted, high quality care that puts the client and their family at the centre of everything that we do.”

“For anyone looking for aged or dementia care services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.”

For details on Focus Home Care’s offer of 15 per cent off services for those on the waitlist for a package, take a look at our Special Offers page and contact us today.



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